Brett's  Brett Sadler - inspiring and motivational speakerauthentic and relaxed style helps him form deep connections with his audiences, inspiring them to truly believe in themselves and their immense potential.  

He speaks on The Titanic and The Butterfly – the way we are unconsciously sailing towards outcomes we don’t want, and how to create the change we want to see.  

He looks at the Icebergs – the social, economic, political and environmental challenges – and how we tend to only see the tip of the issues.  Brett is passionate about developing human potential, and relates these concepts to how we live our lives, and the belief that the solutions ultimately lie within us.  

Brett's U-Change process explains how we can create transformational change in ourselves, our organisations, and society as a whole.  Based on Theory U, which has been developed over the last 15 years or so by top leadership thinkers at MIT Sloan School of Management, U-Change is a simple but deep 3-step system for permanent change, helping us create futures we truly want.

His mission now is to inspire the next generation of leaders, and to help people appreciate their personal power and how they can use it to make a positive difference in their own lives, and the lives of others.

Brett speaks with passion about Leadership, Teamwork and Personal Development to business and student audiences, putting them in touch with their inner motivation.  After speaking to a group of students recently, one said excitedly, "I feel so motivated, not just for this project, but for life!"

The challenge Brett is throwing down for Leadership in the 21st Century, is to empower people by facilitating the quality of conversations that will lead to transformative change, rapid innovation and whole new possibilities for their organisations.  When you hear him present his new "Iceberg Model" for communication, you'll gain a whole different perspective on Engagement and what is possible for the future.

For detailed biography see Who Is Brett Sadler?

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