I love business, and I love people.

I’m an economist, a capitalist, and I’m also a socialist.  In fact, I would call myself a ‘socio-capitalist’, meaning I believe in socially responsible capitalism.

I have enjoyed a varied career working for all sorts of organisations from start-ups to multi-nationals, including Clarks Shoes and Unilever.  My main successes came through building self-motivated, empowered teams. 

A good chunk of my career was spent in marketing – I am a former Chartered Marketer and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).  I was appointed by CIM to help launch the Bristol Fairtrade Network, and this awakened my interest in sustainability.  Brett Sadler Author Consultant SpeakerI went on to become Marketing Director of the Association of Sustainability Professionals, and have written extensively on sustainability in business.  My papers and articles have been published in a range of titles, including the Marketing Society’s Market Leader magazine and CSR Monitor.

When I left the world of corporate employment, I decided to pursue my passions for people and change by bringing transformative change to organisations.  After initial frustration at the poor level of results (clients would come up with great strategies they all bought into, but then carried on with their old behaviours and got the same old results), I discovered the powerful impact of coaching individuals and teams rather than just the business leader.  This led me to set up The UK Leadership Academy, offering coaching and transformative change programmes for individuals and businesses.

My work with corporates has included engagement and strategy development programmes for a range of clients including GE, Alstom, TUI Group and Centrica.

In addition I have consulted on projects including developing a ‘sustainable university,’ alternative energy technologies, and new concepts for property development and building community.

I am a very active outdoors person, being a walker, runner, climber and a qualified Mountain Leader.  I have led expeditions to the Himalaya, South America and sub-Saharan Africa, involving projects such as building schools and creating demonstration sites for sustainable low-tech agriculture.