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The Titanic and The Butterfly: The Millennials' Guide to the 21st Century speaks right to the heart of the Millennial generation’s concerns about the sustainability of our social, economic, political and environmental systems.  How can we create a future that works for everyone, not just the few, and a future that will work for generations to come?

Written in an easy, accessible style, the book outlines how these system ‘Icebergs’  - including education, religion, politics and consumerism – have evolved, and why they’re no longer serving us.

It introduces us to U-Change, a simple 3-step process for transformative change in individuals, organizations, and even governments.  Based on the U Theory developed by top leadership thinkers at the world-renowned MIT Sloan School of Management, it’s been tested and proven with governments and businesses worldwide – including Alibaba, the biggest online retailer in the world ahead of amazon.

The Titanic and The Butterfly addresses the disconnects we feel with our governments, institutions and environment, introducing a raft of fascinating new perspectives and insights, and painting a picture of how we can create a new vision of a rich and vibrant future for all.